Pentad Retail/Hospitality




Scotty started working for Pentad in 2002, at the age of 15, as a marketing specialist, building marketing materials and assets for a variety of clients under the direction of Principal, Fred Barth. Shortly before graduating from the University of Utah in International Business in 2010, Scotty left Pentad to do international business development for Skullcandy. For his first 3 years at Skullcandy, he managed the business throughout Latin America and then moved on to manage the business development & marketing in the priority markets around the globe. 

Before returning to Pentad, he did consulting for several local businesses and was also the Chief Marketing Officer of a conglomerate in the Auto Industry. 

Scotty brings an extensive knowledge of business development and macro/marketing to Pentad. He firmly believes that listening to/understanding the client's needs and placing himself in their shoes is the best method for success. 



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