Pentad Retail/Hospitality

Property Rep


Pentad provides developers and property owners with unsurpassed leasing services, and also assists retailers with the disposition of excess commercial real estate properties.

Pentad’s experienced leasing agents provide landlords a multitude of services, including the following:

  • Provide a thorough analysis of the subject property’s trade area to create a strategy to reposition, stabilize, or upgrade the commercial real estate asset.
  • Identify vulnerabilities as well as opportunities, and offer solutions for expansion, downsizing and/or replacement of unprofitable tenants.
  • Identify retailers seeking market entry and/or relocation within the trade area, and actively market the property to those retailers.
  • Prepare a first-class brochure to market commercial real estate to prospective retailers, including a site plan, aerial photograph, project rendering, demographic analysis, and an area map.
  • Assist ownership in all aspects of lease negotiations.